About Us

About Us

the American Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys (AABA), a national association of bankruptcy attorneys committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics and professional responsibility for practicing lawyers. The AABA is more than just a professional association. We’re the nation’s only rating agency that is specifically designed by attorneys for attorneys who practice bankruptcy law throughout the United States. We employ a systematic and unbiased approach to verifying attorney performance, which ensures that you can confidently hire legal counsel that has a verified track record.


In order to become a member, our attorneys must pass a rigorous screening process. As part of the screening process, all AABA members must sign a contract agreeing to adhere to the highest ethical standards of professional responsibility for practicing lawyers. The AABA sets the bar for a national association of bankruptcy attorneys when it comes to regularly verifying lawyer performance. Each lawyer’s performance is verified through his or her respective State Bar agency and to ensure that members are continuing to adhere to our high standards of ethics and professional responsibility the review process is done on an annual basis. All members are required to be in compliance with the AABA’s standards of professional responsibility in order to renew their membership annually and have the privilege of continuing to maintain AABA membership.


Attorneys who pass our rigorous screening and continuing verification process earn our highest 5-Star Rating for practicing bankruptcy lawyers. Continuous, annual verification of attorney performance means that you can hire an AABA member with the added assurance and the peace of mind that the attorney has been endorsed by the American Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys. This endorsement by a national association of bankruptcy attorneys means that your lawyer’s performance been verified through their State Bar agency, giving you the added assurance that your legal counsel is committed to adhering to the AABA’s standards of ethics and professional responsibility. When you hire an attorney who is a verified member holding the AABA’s prestigious 5-Star Rating, you can hire the attorney with confidence.

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